Topics and Theatres

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Big Data & AI Keynote Theatre

Curated for:

• C-Levels

• Senior Management from the line of Business

• Senior Management in charge of Data Governance & Data Management

• Thought Leaders


The Keynote Stage will present a selection of high-level talks and panels for data leaders in the enterprise. It also discusses social and political impact of data-driven technology to future-proof leaders in their roles.

Topics include: Data Culture, Organization of Data & Analytics, Sustainability & ESG, Regulation

Data Strategy & Data Driven Business Theatre

Curated for:

• C-Levels

• Senior Management from the line of Business

• Senior Management in charge of Data Governance & Data Management

• Data & Analytics Leaders


The data strategy theatre will focus on how data leaders in organisations can ensure that data is used effectively and efficiently to drive business value. It will deliver insights and inspiration for leaders who want to understand data as an asset.


Topics include: Data Strategy, Governance and Ethical Guidelines, Data Democratisation and Data Mesh

Data Management & Integration Theatre

Curated for:

• Senior Management in charge of Data Governance & Data Management

• Data Architects

• Enterprise Architects

• Data Engineers

• Data Stewards & Data Owner


Data Management is at the base of successful data projects and the necessary groundwork to all strategy. This slightly more hands-on theatre will deliver case studies of successful teams across industries.


Topics include: Data Platforms, Data Fabric, Data Lakehouse, Data Integration & Preparation, Data Intelligence, Data Observability, Data Catalog and Data Quality

BI & Analytics Theatre

Curated for:

• Business users

• Senior Management

• Data Analysts & BI Professionals

• Data Scientists


The evolution of BI & Analytics Software is extremely fast and ever-changing. In this theatre, you will get vendor-neutral insights from expert analysts on the latest tools available and how they can benefit your business.


Topics include: Augmented Analytics, Self Service BI/Analytics, Real-time Analytics, Decision Automation and Visual Analysis

AI & ML Theatre

Curated for:

• Data Engineers

• Data Scientists

• AI Thought Leaders

• Citizen Data Scientists and Business Analysts


A theatre full of case studies from what is actually possible with AI. From the use case to the downright nasty, we will look at how do get past the sandbox and deliver real value with AI. Part of the AI village, this Theatre is a forum for everyone in the AI community.


Topics include: Predictive Analytics, Pre-trained ML Models, Process Mining, Natural Language Processing, Operationalization of Advanced Analytics


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