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Fabrizio Straccia

Fabrizio Straccia

Product Management Lead, Board International SA
As Product Management Lead, I bring extensive experience in leading and scaling product teams to drive business growth and success. With a background in IT/Finance, I possess a strong foundation in Agile project management and have a proven ability to lead cross-functional teams to deliver innovative products that meet customer needs. I am results-focused, with a keen understanding of market trends and customer preferences. My collaborative approach with key stakeholders has enabled me to build lasting client relationships and develop optimal business and technical solutions. Leveraging my core Product Management skills, I drive product development from ideation to launch, with a focus on delivering products that exceed customer expectations and drive revenue growth. As a strategic leader, I work closely with executive leadership to align product strategy with overall business objectives, ensuring that we continue to deliver innovative products that position our company for long-term success.


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