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Dr. Juan Pablo Busso

Dr. Juan Pablo Busso

Senior Football Data Scientist, FIFA
My path to become a football data scientist at FIFA is a colorful one. The journey started in with a biology degree in Argentina (a big football nation), followed by a Masters in Michigan and a PhD in Switzerland. The complex challenges of biological systems and in understanding them using statistical and data science tools fueled my passion. Armed with these tools I decided to make a jump to industry to face new challenges. My journey took me through the biggest wealth management bank in Europe (UBS) to a Smart Mobility startup (Axon Vibe). In these environments I learned very different styles of working and faced different challenges. From a process rich organization where decisions entailed a lot of monetary weight in the world economy to a more agile and dynamic style of work aiming to revolutionize people’s mobility. Despite how enriching these roles were, my true passion (maybe because I am Argentinean) is sports. Hence, when I saw the opportunity at FIFA, I felt it was meant for me. During my journey at FIFA, I have applied the principles and tools learned throughout my development to enrich and revolutionize the use of data in football, not only for players and coaches, but also for fans. The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar was a great milestone where all our work came to light and enriched the football experience with data as it was never done before.


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