Konferenzprogramm 2022

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Startup-Pitch: Execute your data streaming projects as fast as your data

11 Mai 2022
Advanced Analytics & AI Theatre
Startup-Pitch: Execute your data streaming projects as fast as your data

Xeotek presents the world's first low-code platform for data streaming applications.
Learn how Global 500 companies are using an innovative data-first approach to navigate their gigantic data operations into the future.
The Data Streams Execution Platform enables faster, more flexible and transparent development and operation of data streaming applications. As a result, developers can focus on business logic and the business departments can be involved at all times.
Thanks to the novel data-first approach, ad hoc analyses of the data can be created at any time as a basis for decisions and innovative product enhancements.
The analyses created can be converted into applications and run in the infrastructure with just a few clicks. These applications scale automatically to process large volumes of data, e.g. at peak times.


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