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Modernise your analytical stack by migrating to cloud-native tools

12 May 2022
Data Strategy Theatre
Modernise your analytical stack by migrating to cloud-native tools

The right data analytics architecture should show strength in all aspects – how data is acquired, transported, stored, queried, and secured. Handling batch processing, real-time processing, analytics, predictive analytics and machine learning is imperative.


A well-designed data analytics architecture saves your company money, provides insight into your situation, and predicts future trends and progress, so you can be prepared to make good business decisions.


Join Tomas Frnka, Billigence VP for Europe and David Langton, Matillion VP of Product as we discuss:

  • The challenges to current data analytics architectures
  • Billigence's ideal modern data analytics architecture featuring Matillion, Snowflake, and Tableau
  • Matillion's role in the modern data analytics architecture and the value it delivers


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