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Quickly adapt to the ever-changing market with analytic flexibility

11 Mai 2022
Data Strategy Theatre
Quickly adapt to the ever-changing market with analytic flexibility

In one way or another, your job is to help your company make fact-based decisions using data and analytics - from creating best-in-class sales strategies to mitigating risk among prospects to monitoring your existing portfolio. These tasks have become more challenging because the number of data points grows daily. All of this is made even harder because your team has to respond to numerous ad-hoc requests and report on changing business conditions for executives. In fact, according to 2020 research from Anaconda, data scientists spend 45%-65% of their time doing data prep and reporting tasks, which impacts strategic work. While having more capacity can help solve your issues, it can fall short when the unexpected occurs. What you actually need is analytic flexibility so you can quickly respond to queries and react to market changes. With D&B Analytics Studio you get access to a cloud based platform that flexes to fit at almost any stage of your analytic journey and almost any use case.


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