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Modernising systems: Get a 360 degree view of your customer with the help of the modern data stack

11 May 2022
Customer Data & CX Theatre
Customer Data & CX

Today's company system landscape is based on a lot of custom-built or SAAS systems that are connected to each other. This adds a lot of complexity if you want to understand the 360 view of your customer's journey. With the era of cloud-based data warehouses (Snowflake, Bigquery etc.), you get a lot of new possibilities to tackle this problem. In this presentation we take a look at how a migration to a modern data stack built on top of a cloud-based data warehouse can improve your customer journey. 

In this talk you will learn:

  • How a modern data stack can keep your investments low while maximizing the return at scale
  • Why modeling tools like DBT are an important pillar of the modern data stack
  • What are the common challenges of migrating to a modern data stack? 



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