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Empowering AI in the Quantum Computing Era

11 May 2022
Big Data & AI World Keynote Theatre
Empowering AI in the Quantum Computing Era

The industrialization and value creation with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science capabilities in general have become a central piece of the digital transformation journey in every industry. While this demonstrates the game-changing role of data in the digital economy, it also fuels the demand to solve even more complex problems with AI and pushes the limits of today's semiconductor technology. Here comes Quantum Computing into play – a new era of computing with the potential to disrupt entire industries and to solve some of mankind's largest problems. Unlike the public perception reflects, Quantum technology is way ahead of "schedule" with staggering monthly breakthroughs in hard- and software, enterprise product developments, cloud and on-premise service offerings, build-up of entire ecosystems and growing investments from both public and private sectors. This talk sheds light on the status quo of Quantum AI and its use cases.


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