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Decision Intelligence: Goodbye BI, Hello to What’s Next in Business Analytics

12 May 2022
Decision Intelligence Theatre
Decision Intelligence: Goodbye BI, Hello to What’s Next in Business Analytics

The analytics landscape is changing. There is more data at-hand than ever before. More people are putting data-driven processes at the centre of their daily work. And, consequently, analytics use-cases are growing every day. But the legacy tools used for business intelligence and analytics are not built for this changing landscape: scalable data ingestion, ease-of-use, and forward-looking analytics are consistent shortcomings among the available tools. The result: inaccessible data, different answers to the same questions, and diminishing value.

Say hello to Decision Intelligence. This emerging decision-making framework, defined and recommended by leading industry analysts, is the path forward for organizations wanting to put more data and analytics in the hands of more people, across the enterprise. Decision intelligence is for any data, any people, and any analytics needs, and combines the functional areas of data prep, data analytics, and data science.

Join this session to learn:

  • A brief history of business analytics and the technologies that drove it
  • Key characteristics of Decision Intelligence, and why they matter
  • How an integrated Decision Intelligence Platform can help bring predictive analytics to more decision makers across your organization


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