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Data Intelligence in Professional Football with Focus on Players Performance

11 May 2022
Decision Intelligence Theatre

As in many other areas, a variety of different IT systems in professional sports clubs generate a large amount of data. This confronts users with the challenge of extracting relevant information for their work from this mass of data. Not only is access to this data necessary, but also the user-specific processing of it.


Based on my experience with different clubs in professional football and in performance analysis and sports informatics, I will present use cases to show how data is generated in professional soccer, what meaning it has, and how it must be combined and processed into meaningful information to turn them into better decisions. The focus will be on performance data from a medical perspective in the sports sector of football clubs. I will cover tracking data or heart rate data, but also standard performance tests, 3-D motion capturing or electromyography (EMG).

The audience will see that there are many parallels to the work in their organisations.


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