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Adform Tackles the Big Data Challenges of Omnichannel Advertising

11 Mai 2022
BI & Analytics Theatre
Adform Tackles the Big Data Challenges of Omnichannel Advertising

Achieving the right balance of Human and Artificial Intelligence, fuelled by Vertica Big Data Analytics Platform

By 2025, 463 exabytes will be created every 24 hours worldwide. That means a world of opportunity for advertisers to train algorithms against massive data sets, and use machine learning to find their most lucrative opportunities.

Join, Andreas Sierts, Director Product Management, Adform to discover how the right balance of Human and Artificial Intelligence – fuelled by a powerful Unified Analytics Warehouse – enables advertisers to serve prospects and customers with tailored offerings. It provides these offers through the appropriate channels, timed to when they are more likely to convert. This combination of Human and Artificial Intelligence helps companies maximize their advertising ROI in an omnichannel world with 3 pillars: Scalability, Relevance and Efficiency.


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