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Teradata VantageCloud - The most complete cloud analytics and data platform

Teradata Stand: G170

By leveraging a next-generation cloud-native architecture, VantageCloud Lake has the ability to run independent elastic workloads using an object store-centric design. This means every part of a business can run analytics projects on demand—all while sharing data in cost-effective object storage.

With VantageCloud Lake, you can:

• Promote business user autonomy: Enable teams to quickly launch AI/ML projects on their own with a self-service console.

• Accelerate business outcomes: Make it easy to build and deploy powerful analytics, leveraging both governed enterprise data and the full array of data stored within the broader lake.

• Reduce costs: Realize the benefits of centralized shared object storage, which can enable superior price performance.

• Maintain financial visibility: Deploy governance policies to monitor and maintain budgetary decisions. Policy-driven scaling, unit pricing, and telemetry visualizations enable smarter scaling and granular chargebacks.

• Guarantee critical SLAs: Ensure service-level agreements (SLAs) for business-critical workloads with automated elastic independent compute clusters and tiered storage options.

• Powerful in-database advanced analytics: Move beyond reporting to real-time AI/ML with Teradata’s high-performance in-database analytics library. 

• Open and connected tools of choice: Leverage languages and tools of choice with R/Python and the ability to bring your own tools and models. Tap into the ecosystem of data science tools you already love, such as Dataiku, Amazon SageMaker, and Azure Machine Learning for AI innovation.

• Operationalization at scale: Integrated ModelOps provides end-to-end model management, making it easier than ever to deploy AI and




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