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Nortal Tark - AI fast-track to business optimization

Nortal Stand: I165

Nortal Tark is a set of tailor-made generative AI solutions for accelerating business optimization. Our solutions deliver a competitive advantage specific to your business and industry.

  • Deploy anywhere
  • Forget one size fits all
  • Stay secure, stay in control

Tailored solutions for your unique needs

  • Intelligent search
    Harness the power of multiple LLMs to turn both external data and your internal company data into a vast source of valuable insights. Ask questions in any language and get a neatly summarized answer in the same language. Intelligent search is installed within your controlled environment, so you choose what data is shared and who can see it.
  • Intelligent match
    Connect master data records across your company – regardless of format or quality. Identify a golden record that can be applied throughout the hierarchy or reports to provide consolidated insights. LLMs can be applied to enable seamless matching and improved results.
  • Digital assistants
    ​Up your intelligence game with digital assistants for internal use, customer use, or both. Digital assistants can integrate with Nortal Tark’s Intelligent Search and Matching APIs to give you a ChatGPT-style experience. Assistants remember previous conversations and queries, and can be fine-tuned to only use your data. You can even add the option for an automatic Google search if there’s no match in your company data.
  • Document chatting
    Imagine grappling with a lengthy 50-page RFP, urgently needing clarity on key deliverables and deadlines. With our document chatting functionality, you can swiftly obtain the answers you need in mere seconds. Simply upload your document to the tool, pose your question, and receive an instant response. Streamline your workflow and accelerate decision-making with ease.
  • Document generator
    Effortlessly create proposals, tenders, and more with just a few clicks. Choose your preferred format—Word, PowerPoint, or PDF—and let our tool do the rest. Seamlessly integrated into your workflow, it operates flawlessly on the web, within Teams, or wherever you work best. Choose from a variety of templates, customize chapters, and tailor language to suit your needs. The possibilities are limitless.


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