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Why Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are the Game Changer in Sustainability

10 May 2023

There is no end in sight to population growth. But can we not only guarantee food for some eleven billion people in the future, but even improve its quality? Can we end hunger and poverty and at the same time soothe the climate?

Karl-Heinz Land is certain that this will work if the megatrend of dematerialization and digitization are intelligently linked. Want some examples? With the help of the platform economy and Big Data, food distribution can be organized more quickly and fairly. In addition, artificial intelligence and robotics will lead to highly productive yet ecologically compatible agriculture. The trend toward the share economy will change consumer behavior and thus imply a more careful use of resources. Autonomous and intelligent vehicles will massively reduce the need for cars. In combination with new types of drive systems, harmful emissions will decrease. As a new infrastructure of prosperity, the Internet of Things opens up access to capital and markets, to education and medical care, - even in the most remote areas of the world. Will digitization save the planet? Karl-Heinz Land answers with a clear yes, without ignoring the critical, above all ethical, questions.

Karl-Heinz Land, CEO - neuland GmbH & Co. KG


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