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Manage the zoo of data sources with Matillion ETL

11 May 2023
Over the last few years, TUI's hotel business has experienced growth through mergers, acquisitions, and new partnerships. However, this has resulted in a heterogeneous IT landscape, which is being unified gradually over the coming months and years. In the meantime, the Analytics team at TUI Hotels & Resorts faces the challenge of connecting to a vast array of data sources in this diverse IT setting, including on-premises and cloud databases, APIs, file-based exports, streaming data, and more. Matillion ETL provides the team with a single platform with excellent connectivity options to connect to all these sources. The low-code approach enables both Data Engineers and Data Analysts to leverage new data sources to fulfill business requirements. With an increased demand to process semi-structured data (such as JSON), the combination of the Snowflake Data Cloud and Matillion ETL has proven to be highly effective in that area. Both tools work hand in hand to extract, load, and transform semi-structured input data to produce valuable business insights.
Dr. Michael Schäfers, Senior Data Engineer - TUI Hotels & Resorts


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