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The Road to Value With Generative AI

11 May 2023
Artificial Intelligence is poised to improve every aspect of societal, environmental, economic and business outcomes that improve how we live, work, play, and stay safe. Most AI projects fail however, due to several reasons: complex tools that don’t work together, AI teams without clearly defined roles and processes, and AI initiatives that expose the business to risk and don’t deliver long-term value.
Generative AI is evolving at an even faster pace than teams can apply it. How can organizations harness it to provide value-driven AI impact, while ensuring governance and compliance?
In this talk, we will cut through the hype and show how it can be integrated to create real business value by enhancing Data Scientist's experience, finishing with a live demo of how these models can be used in the DataRobot platform.
Maximilian Hudlberger, Senior Data Scientist - DataRobot


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